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Insurance Nursing

Insurance Nursing 

<pitemprop=”description”>Action Health Staffing partners with many insurance carriers to provide assessments in the privacy of a client’s home so that clients and their loved ones feel relaxed in the comfort of familiar surroundings.</pitemprop=”description”>

Those who have chronic and degenerative conditions tend to need more comprehensive care, so regular updates are important when a clear health status is not easily determined.

Action Health Staffing has professional and compassionate registered nurses who perform nursing assessments to residents in eastern North Carolina.

What is an insurance nursing assessment?

Nursing assessments provide a comprehensive status of a patient. These assessments are useful for diagnosis and treatment recommendations for those who are suffering from conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Insurance companies also require these assessments to verify the necessity of services.

A registered nurse conducts a complete nursing assessment and monitors important health markers. This information is relayed back to the insurance carrier for their use in determining policy changes or coverage.

Why insurance companies need nursing assessments

Health providers and insurance companies both have to create documentation of each step in the process of insuring and treating patients. Insurance nursing assessments provide insurance companies verifiable information about the status of patients so a plan of care can be developed to allow the best treatment possible.

Our team of highly qualified nurses conduct nursing assessments for residents in Wilson, Rocky Mount, Greenville, Smithfield and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to inquire about this service.